Saturday, December 26, 2009


This morning started out early.  At about 2 AM, pretty much 2 minutes after Tom and I fell into bed having finally cleaned the house, prepared the meal for today and wrapped presents both our children run into our room wide-eyed and bushy tailed squealing, "Santa came!  Santa came!"  So we got back out of bed and lovingly enjoyed a sweet 2 AM moment with both children on this blessed day.

Bwahahahahaaaaa!  Yeah right.

It went more like this, "IT IS 2 AM!  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS??"  I told them to go back to bed and STAY THERE for 6 more hours.  So then I hear my kitchen timer being set.  They actually went into the kitchen to get the timer so they could set it for 6 hours.  This seriously cracked me up and I had the giggles for a good 5 minutes.  Tom turns to me and says, "We got to bed just in time."  No kidding.  10 minutes earlier and they would have wondered why Santa just dumped all their stocking loot on the living room floor.

So an hour later I'm hearing noises.  I get up and both kids are in front of the tree inspecting all the packages.  So THEN we all wake up and enjo.... oh forget it.  "SERIOUSLY!  YOU MUST GO TO SLEEP!!"  "But we already napped!  We're not tired!  Can we just rest awhile?"  "AHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Then at 4 AM, Rachael comes back into my room. "I napped again."  At this point I ordered her in bed with me and we finally slept until 8 AM.  At which point I had to wake them because Grandma and Grandpa arrived and finally, FINALLY it was time to open presents.

First order of business was the stockings and both kids got a nice big bag of pistachios to which Rachael excitedly squealed, "COCONUTS!!"

We settled in for what has got to be the most fun hour of the year.  Gifts exchanged, surprises, excitement.  It's like winning the lottery once a year.  We are so blessed

Okay, so 7 years ago, Tom was deployed to Afghanistan for Christmas and I was alone with just my toddler.  At the very last minute I called some friends of mine and said, "This probably is impractical but I love to cook and entertain on the holidays and this year I'm alone.  Do you think you could come over for Christmas breakfast?  You can come around 10 AM after gifts are opened.  Come in your jammies!  And it's okay to stay just a short time because I know you probably have other family obligations."  And they said "yes"!  I made Baked French Toast, eggs, sausage, bacon and fresh fruit.  It was wonderful and fun and the beginning of a family tradition.  Every year since we have invited one family over to share in Christmas morning with us.  This morning our friends Steve and Lauren came with their son Ben, and my parents brought their friend Sharon over.  I love to share a little part of our Christmas with friends as well as family.

So gifts are opened, new games are played, lego models are being built, plastic crap beloved new toys are being spread all over the house and mommy has napped.  Now it's time to go start a new family tradition called, "See The World's Crappiest Movie Ever Made" on Christmas evening.

I'm going to do all those who read this blog a big favor right now so pay close attention.  Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeaquel, or whatever it's called is the movie equivalent of a really horrible date who thinks he's awesome but is just creepy and not funny and then he leaves you holding the bill.  Except I think I'd choose the bad date.  Yes, it IS that bad.  The only way that it could possibly be enjoyed is to watch it passed out.  Because then at least you'd get a nap out of it.  Which Tom did.  Having said that, the experience was fun because we went with our friends Amanda and Jason and their four kidlets.  Sitting next to them while Jason was tweeting how truly horrible it is and laughing AT the movie, a la Mystery Science Theater style and then giving a near standing ovation when it finally stopped was fun.  Also, discovering that the faces weren't really cut off and the boom mike wasn't actually supposed to be SEEN in half the movie but that the projector was off and half the movie had been cut off was quite fortuitous.  We couldn't figure out why most of the movie had only the eyes of the chipmunks with the rest of the face cut off.  And again, the boom mike.  In MANY scenes just clear as day.  When the credits rolled we couldn't even see them because they were cut off at the bottom of the screen and it was then we figured out that the projection person had messed up.  So what did we do?  Well, as concerned movie patrons who are looking out for the good of all those wanting to enjoy some chipmunks after us, WE COMPLAINED!  "Our movie was cut off and it really affected our enjoyment of this fine film."  And I have zero guilt when I tell you that we got 10 free tickets to enjoy any other movie.  One ticket for each person in our group who was subjected to that awfulness.  Good on us!

I will say, Marc could not understand why we hated it so much.  He was almost offended.  I said to him, "If I made you watch three episodes of the Tellytubbies, how would you feel?"  He said, "Like barfing."  "Yes!  It's exactly like that!"  I'd rather watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl again and if you have seen that movie, you are cured of all curiosity to see just how bad it could be.

So now the family is snuggled in and tomorrow we go about four hours away to visit family we haven't seen in a long time.  I know they will be thrilled to see us and especially Rachael.  It was a sweet day and I'm so thankful we have these times to spend with those we love and to celebrate a King who came to serve and save.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your blog about the movie was far funnier then the actual movie! Loved sharing a little bit of Christmas with you.

  2. Danielle - you are too funny! Hysterical laughter because this story sounds quite familar...we had the 2am, 4am and 6am wake up call from our kids on Christmas Eve. Love the kitchen timer. We send our best to you and your family for a happy, melanoma-free 2010. Emily

  3. Merry Christmas to you too! (a bit late). Yeah, your blog is super funny and I am glad you saved me of the curiosity...luckily I already knew that I wouldn't pay to see it BUT being confirmed of that decision is nice. :0) Awesome that they messed up though so at least you got more tickets, therefore not costing you much money! YEA! God is good!