Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mish Mash

Remember a month ago I said I wouldn't blog about Marc anymore?  Yeah, well, that sorta stifled me.  Because after I said that I found I had SO MUCH to say about him but I didn't want to be a liar.  Like that time I said that our "cancer journey is over".  Haha.  That was a good one.  But now my desperate need to chronicle my boy's quirks has subsided again so I'll just blather on for a bit about our month.

I hate to admit this here because I would love to maintain this image of the way I looked when I was in my 20's, at least online, but I seriously need to lose some weight.  I also found that changing a light bulb left me out of breath and sore the next day.  So not kidding.  Enter Amanda who was like a hopped up chihuahua with what seemed like a diminishing vocabulary containing a few nouns, some adjectives thrown in for color and an increasingly annoying repetitive refrain of "Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!"  I pretty much rolled my eyes for the most part until I saw this really skinny, hot woman in church one day and realized it was Amanda.  So I went to Zumba.

I think during my second class I almost died.  She thought it was really hilarious you know, watching me clutch my chest with my one good arm (the other one was numb) and declaring that I truly hoped my impending heart attack and death would not mess with her work-out but I somehow managed to live and kept going to classes.  I really hated it.  Every time I went I was all, "I hate Zumba and I'm not coming back," but I had bought a stupid 10-class punch card and I really hate to waste money even more than I hated Zumba so I continued and a weird thing happened on my way to 10 classes.  I started noticing the moves getting easier and my body starting to change.  One night, I woke Tom up from a dead sleep and said, "You have to look at this!  Mama has guns!!"  So now I Zumba three or four times a week and though I don't think I'm annoying it might just be because almost everyone I hang out with goes to Zumba too. (Insert bad joke about drinking kool-aid here.)

Moving on.... I've never written about my work situation on this blog and I'll probably keep it that way (see, there I go again, setting myself up to be a liar!) but I will say that I work fewer hours and make more money now than I have in three years and I am LOVING IT!  I haven't gotten a great rhythm down yet but Tom is working and I am working and we have been through some scary times financially which makes this moment all the sweeter.  And I have my weekends back!  I still get giddy when I think about Friday and Saturday night because for three years I delivered pizza those nights.  And now I can go to the beach with my kids at the last minute or catch a movie.

One thing I really wanted to write about was our awesome Easter but MY GOOD FRIEND AMANDA REFUSES TO SEND ME THE PICTURES.  Maybe that will do the trick.

Speaking of pictures that are seriously overdue... this one was taken on February 6th.

And many more, baby.  And many more.


  1. So I was totally going to be offended by your "hopped up chihuahua" remark but then I got to the "really skinny, hot woman" part and decided we could still be friends. Especially since you have converted...

  2. Zumba huh? I haven't heard of it BUT I have started going to the gym at 5:15 4 days a week. Crazy but good. :0) I'll have to check out the zumba.
    Great to "see" you on here and catch up on your life a bit.