Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take THAT Angel of Darkness!

Saying "R.I.P Cancer Journey" is going to be somewhat like Bush saying "Mission Accomplished!"

Fridays are "shot days" and are now officially Rachael's least favorite day.  She told me last week, "I wish every day was Monday!"  Yeah.  Me too!  Except not.

Giving the shot is getting a little easier for me but they hurt like the dickens for her.  The needle going in doesn't hurt so much, it's pushing the medication in that stings pretty bad.  We numb the area ahead of time for about two hours and I give her Motrin an hour beforehand but it's still this weekly looming Awful Thing that just continues to remind her that she had cancer.

And then this weekend she spiked a 103.5 temperature that went down with lots of medication but didn't return to normal for two days.  Oh, and there was puking.  These are just side affects from interferon.  Sunday when she was still feeling pretty lousy she was saying again how it's not fair that she is always the one to get hurt and get shots and fall down and get cancer.  What can I say to that?  "You're right.  It is totally not fair."  I remind her of God's goodness and that He certainly will use this in her life.  She said, "I wish He gave it to someone else!"  I asked her, "Rachael, who would you give it to?"  This thought had never occurred to her.  She just stared at me and then miserably said, "Nobody."

She is so precious.

But then she suddenly brightened and said, "I know who I would give it to!"  I braced myself expecting to hear about a bully in school or, you know, her brother, but she looks at me with this radiant smile and says, "I would give it to Satan!"

Me too baby.


  1. I love this post! That is so super sweet... she's just amazing.:0)