Friday, February 19, 2010

If she can't be smart, at least she's pretty.

Two weeks ago I got a note in Rachael's backpack that said, "Please work with Rachael on her A.R. books.  I know she can do it!"  Apparently she took her first one and only got a 20%.  I was caught between annoyed and worried because I really didn't think she was struggling that much but then again, it's kindergarten!  I mean, come on!  I never got a note home like this for Marc and I know he's really smart but I didn't think Rachael was that far behind.  I didn't even remember Marc doing A.R's in kinder but I figured it's because he didn't struggle so it never even came to my attention.

So I asked her where her A.R. book is and we practiced a few times.  The next day she comes home and had made a 100%.  I was thrilled!  My child might have to work a little harder but with practice she'll be okay.  Whew!

Today I had to go to the school for something Marc related and I run into Mrs. H., her kinder teacher and after a couple pleasantries I say, "Practicing the A.R.'s really makes a difference."  She agreed and reminded me that the tests are every Tuesday and Thursday and please remember to send the book back.  I say to her, "Okay, I'm glad you said that because I really need to understand what's happening.  Does she get a new book each week?"  And she said that yes, after the test she can pick out a new book.  We asked Rachael if she had her new book as I didn't see it and Rach said she didn't so we all head into the classroom to find it.  On the way there I say to Mrs. H., "Is she really that different than how Marc was?"  He had Mrs. H. for kinder as well and he was very smart, even then.  She says, "Don't worry about it.  It's a boy-girl thing."  This made no sense at all to me.

So we go into the classroom and she's explaining that the book Rachael returned was her library book, which is "just for fun" but that her A.R. books need to be on her level.  I'm a bit confused by the whole thing to be honest, still just flabbergasted that my child is struggling like this when Mrs. H. says, "Rachael is the only one who gets two books at the library.  The other kids only get one but she gets the A.R. and the fun book."  At this point I'm about ready to cry and I say, "Is she really that far behind?"

Mrs. H. looks at me incredulously and says, "Danielle, she is my BEST reader!  She is the only one who QUALIFIES to take the A.R.!"

I just had to laugh and laugh!  The funniest part to me is when I was all worried that she was so much farther behind where her very smart brother was at that age, Mrs. H. was trying to reassure me that it's okay that Marc wasn't as smart as her.  You know, it's the difference between a boy and girl so I don't need to worry about him.  Hilarious!

If I had taken a bit more time to think the whole thing through I might have figured it out on my own.  A.R. stands for "Accelerated Reader".


  1. This made me giggle!! I can understand your frustration and am glad that Rachael is excelling in school :)

  2. See I do comment way more on your blog then you do mine...even if you just told me this story. Love you!