Tuesday, August 31, 2010

His new baby might be a little young for her.

A couple months ago I received a call from the public affairs person at M.D. Anderson asking if we would be willing to be interviewed for a story on melanoma.  I am here to testify that my first thought was NOT, "Oh my goodness, I need to immediately lose 20 pounds."

Yes it was.

It was a fun experience and as if we don't feel special enough every time we go to Houston, this time we had a camera following us.

What is funny about this video is that you can really see the huge crush Rachael has on Dr. Hughes.  It is honestly sickening and when we see him I have to avert my eyes, so shameless is my daughter.  I brought my best friend Amanda with me to one of her visits and warned her about the impending lovefest.  She knows Rachael really well and even she was shocked at the personality change when he walked in the room.

Rachael insists she does not want to be a doctor or any other medical type but rather an artist.  Maybe she can marry a doctor.

Check out that cool hat at the end of the video.  Want to win one?  Leave a comment!  Contest ends Wednesday night.


  1. Everyone here at Texas Childrens make our stay more enjoyable. Neverr thought we would be waiting for eight months.
    This is a great vides.

  2. OH MY GOSH! Y'all are FAMOUS! Ya know, I've always known how wonderful you and your family are, now it's nice that so many other people are learning that too. The video was great, you both looked fabulous and did a perfect job! WOW! YOU GO GIRLS!