Friday, August 27, 2010

The Next Step

My creative juices are flowing! All two ounces of them. I am working on a new project that I am very excited about and it is going to require a re-design of this blog. It's also going to require an address change because I'm going to move out of blogspot.

The title of this site has always been cumbersome and even though I and my children know the reference, I think it imparts a certain... favoritism that is unintended.

So I'm working on decorating my new internet home and will hopefully be ready to launch within two weeks but I am looking for a new name and I am taking suggestions.

I only have one requirement. It must be available as a .com.

Here's how you can find out if your brilliant idea is available as a .com:

Click here:  Go Daddy

Plug in your idea(s) into the place that says "Start your domain search here" and click "Go".  It will tell you if the .com is available.  If it is... then tell me your idea in the comments!

This new site will still be my blog.  Everything will be still be there but it will also be a place where parents of newly diagnosed children can come to find information and connect with others if they would like.  So I want the name to be personal but reflect a more global purpose.  It needs to be easy to remember too!  Here is one of my ideas:

Hopefully some of you have more than two ounces of creative juices!

Because I am excited and because I want a lot of suggestions, I am going to be giving away a prize to the person's whose idea I choose.  I'll announce the prize later but you will love it!


I decided to go crazy and get TWO prizes!  So... the winner of the "Name My New Website" contest will win something and then I will randomly select another winner from all who leave a comment.  So even if you do not have a brilliant idea, that's okay!  Let me know you were here and you will be entered to win.


  1. So excited for your new project. I know that many families will be blessed by your willingness to share your journey. I think it is an awesome way to use your gifts!

  2. Here are some ideas that were emailed to me. Thanks Christy!

  3. OK, so this is just a variant of yours:

    I added the "spot" part because of all the time and effort we spend keeping track of kids' spots, teaching them how to look at their spots, etc.

    If you choose it, we are giving the prize to the Child Life Group at the Children's Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson.

    Tahnks again for all you are doing for so many other families!

    Dr. Dennis

  4. I like HIM. He's Rachael's oncologist.

  5. I like LittlewarriorsSpot!

    A few more:

  6. Thanks Anonymous! When posting a comment, please either use the "Name/URL" option or put your name on the bottom of your post so you can be differentiated from all the other Anonymous posters.

  7. How exciting! Good luck with your new site. (No brilliant name ideas, but if I do, I'll let you know!)

    Take care,


  8. Littlewarriorsspot sounds great!

    I couldn't think of anything as clever as the other suggestions, but came up with

    Best of luck with the new site :)

  9. How about

    Safe in the Shade?

    Spots begone?

    I like Mela_no_more!

    Good luck in deciding!! :)

  10. I think it needs to have words in it that if someone would google certain terms, the site would come up. I like the or I was thinking I was trying to find support I could never come across a site about this. Only after someone gave me a direct link from MIF was I able to connect. Just a thought, but I think it would help guide people some. Thanks...going for scans tomorrow....yikes Dawn from Wisconsin

  11. Agreed Dawn but I never used "tags" in this site and will use them a great deal on the new site. That is how people will find it.

    Thinking of you and please call to update me!

  12. I do hope that if you have a child who has/had melanoma this appeal is real.