Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hump Day

I'm going to Houston this afternoon to party all night with Jeanne & Co. visit Dr. Hughes for Rachael's monthly check-up.  Should be very routine and hopefully we'll get to meet another family who will be starting interferon soon.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a baby picture of my sweet warrior.

Okay, okay... I'll leave you with two

I need to stop!  I have to go to work!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. So cute!! How do they grow up so fast?? Praying your appt goes smoothly!! Thinking about you all often!

  2. She is still so adorable! Pam

  3. YOU HAVE GORGEOUS LIL' ONES!!!!! Love her blue eyes and he is just well to cute!

  4. That last one was me Laura Newton.

  5. So gorgeous! Have an uneventful appointment.