Friday, September 3, 2010

A story about my husband.

Tom works in a large airplane hangar that is wide open and breezy.  Except when it is in the low 100's.  Then he comes home sweaty and tired and really, really smelly.

Yesterday it was a nice cool 98 degrees and he came home in a great mood and we went about our late afternoon activities that mostly consists of negotiating which adult gets the nap.  A treaty could not be reached so we both rejoined the kids and I wandered into the kitchen to think about making dinner.  I didn't go to actually make dinner.  Just to think about it.

So I'm standing there thinking about making dinner and I see a cage sitting on my counter.  "Tom?  Forget to tell us something about the live animal in my kitchen?"

My husband does not bring little creatures home and this particular little creature was so wonderful. So alluring that Marc had to sit on his hands to keep from coming completely out of his skin with anticipation.

My children were completely awed.

Daddy had brought home a hummingbird!  A real, true, live, completely freaked out of his little tiny lentil sized brain, honest-to-goodness HUMMINGBIRD!

"Please make it go away."

Look at his pretty red feathers.

Tom says that he got stuck in a spider's web and he was on the bottom of the hangar floor with mucked up feathers and unable to fly.  His feathers needed to be cleaned off but first he needed to calm down.

"Ah!  The sun!  I never thought I'd see you again sweet friend!"

This isn't the first hummingbird to have a similar near-doom in Tom's hangar.  The day before, another little guy showed up on the hangar floor and with just a little clean-up he was good as new.  This one was a bit more freaked though so that's why Tom took him home.  Give him a chance to calm down and also up the Cool Dad Factor a significant amount.

"You can do it little guy!  You can do it!"

I swear he was there when I clicked the camera.  But when the click was over he was gone.  Freedom!  Freedom at last!

Tom has a new nickname at work now.  He is the "Hummingbird Whisperer".

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