Thursday, September 2, 2010

We have winners!

The mail came today and just in time for me to announce the winners of the "Name My NEW PROJECT" contest!

Thank you to those who came up with wonderful ideas for the NEW PROJECT.  I am almost inspired to start several blogs so I can use more of the really cool names.   Almost.  But being elbows deep in creating one new blog is enough to drive that idea away.  I suspect when it's over though it will be like childbirth.  Really really hard but so worth it that you forget the pain.

Except that's not really true.

Anyway.  Look what I got in my mailbox today!

The picture I posted earlier of this woman's hat does not do it justice.  I didn't know a hat could feel so luxurious but this one.... well... just LOOK!

Why didn't I order two?!  Sigh.

I am giving this beauty to the one person, chosen randomly (I assigned everyone a number and plugged the numbers into a random number generator) who left a comment.

Congratulations Amanda!

I'm already super jealous of how cool you are going to look on the beach with this hat.

I would have given this hat to the person whose idea I picked for the name of my NEW PROJECT but he said that he would be donating his prize to the Child Life Group at the Children's Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson.  So I thought that it would be more appropriate to give this winner the child's chlorine resistant bucket hat.

I love that my NEW PROJECT has been named by Rachael's oncologist.  It feels very kismet-y.  Here is a sneak peak at just a tiny bit of content on the NEW PROJECT:
Dr. Hughes explained to [Rachael] that he is a “lump doctor” and it is his job to teach her about her “spots” so that she could learn the difference between “good spots” and “bad spots”.  This is the inspiration behind the name of this website.  Not only is this a SPOT where people can read about our family, get information about pediatric melanoma and connect with others but it also refers to the SPOTS that we constantly monitor on our children.

Thank you Dr. Hughes for taking an "okay" idea I had and making it absolutely brilliant!

Stay tuned soon for the official unveiling of my NEW PROJECT:

Littlest Warrior Spot!


  1. Hey Sis,
    That sounds perfect! Good luck with the NEW PROJECT! I hope it's as satisfying to you as I'm sure it will be to your readers.

  2. Oh, Gosh! I would blush, but I am too tired. Too many new spots at the Children's Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson lately. Thanks for making this a safe SPOT for our kids and their families....