Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10.1" of happiness

Tonight's post is coming to you from my brand new netbook!  Oh how I love thee netbook!  See how excited I am?  I'm using all my exclamation points right here in the first paragraph!!

So yesterday Rachael and I went on a wild goose chase for a cable for the portable dvd player.  This hunt took three hours (this is where yesterday's title came from by the way) and was ultimately successful.  She had been asking all day to watch a movie but the three t.v. rooms were always taken so I decided to bite the bullet and go out in search of said cable.  After three hours and three different stores we finally get back to the RMH and Rachael is beside herself with joy because finally FINALLY she can watch her Barbie movie.

We triumphantly make our way up to the room, plug our dvd player into the wall and yay!  Power!

Except the screen goes black.

No problem!  We'll just turn it off and start again.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Our dvd player is dead.

At this point I'm not sure who is more ready to cry.  We go downstairs in the vain hopes that maybe, just maybe they will have an available t.v. room so she can get her fill of Barbie mind-numbingness but they do not.  Then all of a sudden, an angel appeared from the sky named Gabriel!  No, no.  Actually her name was Bailey and God bless her a million times, she says, "We have a dvd player you can borrow."

I didn't even bother to pretend to be all, "Oh no.  I couldn't possibly."  I resisted the urge to fall at her feet and weep in gratefulness but simply managed, "Oh My God!  Bless you!  Bless you and thank you and yes!"  Thank you Angel Bailey for saving the day.  Next time I make myself a B-52 I will think of you and say a toast in your honor.

So this morning I told Tom that I needed to get a new dvd player and he says, "Would it be worth it to just get a netbook?"  Why yes.  Yes it would!  (See, I can't talk about it without the exclamation point.)  It did mean three more hours of running around.  Can I just ask, who would willingly live in this city?  No offense to the locals, you have nice shops and oh do you love your Asian food but seriously, I'm thinking about limiting my time on the streets to the hours of 1 AM and 4 AM.  It takes 30 minutes to go three miles in this city.  But I navigated it and now I am sitting here typing on my new netbook(!).

I should mention that Rachael wanted to watch a video on it but when we got back, lo and behold, there was a free t.v. room so she got to curl up on the couch watching Kung Fu Panda while I played on my new toy.  Maybe tomorrow I will let her watch a video on it, but only if there isn't a t.v. room available.

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  1. YEA!!! I am thrilled for you (and Rachael)

    hugs to you both