Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was an incredibly emotional and difficult day.  A close friend of mine lost her 3-month old granddaughter very unexpectedly.  She was a little sick and went downhill faster than they could help her.  There are no words.

You know how people say their hearts are heavy?  Mine felt like it was in a choke hold all day.  The kids were so excited about trick-or-treating and getting dressed up and there were things to do but I just wanted to lay down and cry for this family.  Please pray for them.  I spoke to the mom today and she said, "I just miss her so much."  God.  I can't even formulate a prayer.

I will show you the kids' costumes but I need to give it another day.  Hold your babies and be thankful tonight.

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  1. Oh how horribly sad. I will certainly say some prayers for the family and will also hold my little ones a little tighter tonight.
    I too can't imagine such a thing.

    hugs to you and yours