Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'd like some cheese with my whine.

This place is starting to fill up with families in for Thanksgiving.  Lots of new faces and luggage downstairs and the place is downright hoppin' at night.  I'm waiting for the kids to fall asleep and then I'm going to go down and play a game with my mom who drove in tonight with Marc.  It's good to have company but stressful having Marc here.  If it were only him it wouldn't be so hard but my two children together are like gasoline and a match.  Pretty harmless on their own but potential within, but put them together and it can be, well, explosive.  And not in a bad way either, although there is that too.  They just feed off of each others' energy and it is impossible to reign in without getting all crazy mommy on them.

Some other women and I were talking about our children last night and one woman said that she asked a black woman once how it is that black children seem to act so perfect.  Now, this is an awfully broad brush she was using here but I do think there is a bit of cultural truth in it.  Many black families do seem to have these children who are very well behaved.  Anyway, she asked this woman and she told this story.

"When a woman is about to have a baby, I tell her, from the beginning, act crazy enough that your child thinks you just might be."

Now, I'm not sure I ascribe to that exact style of parenting but it did make us all laugh and give each one of us a moment of... "Hahaha!....  pause ..... Hmm."

So where was I?  Oh yeah, both my kids are here.  And tomorrow Tom and my Dad are coming in.  And all this is great and Rachael is feeling good and overall we had a good day.  I just feel very out of it.  I mean, I can engage in conversation and talk and even laugh, it's just I don't feel the zest of life.  Which, hey!  That's probably really normal.  This week is going exceedingly slow.

Things aren't as bad as I'm making them seem on my blog.  This is just working out to be my dumping ground.

I want my life back.


  1. Of course you do. It's not whining when you have a good reason and you have a GOOD reason. Thinking of you.

  2. Everything you are feeling is normal and understandable. I'm glad you have your family and that you have this blog where you can come and vent it all.

    I'm glad for Rachael that she has her brother. He helps take her mind off all the stinky stuff. Even if just for a little while. They will remember these times.

    Thinking of/praying for you all!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am glad you had family that could come and I know that although the kids can drive you crazy, it's worth it in the long run. :0) I have no doubt that you'll feel more zest soon and when all of this is behind you, things will be wonderful. :0)

    hugs friend!

  4. I might be another who can not post correctly.
    Racheal is beautiful!! I have BIG obstacles in my life but my heart does go out to you for I also have a 5 yr old daughter,and I will pray for yours........Denise