Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random Photo Friday

Catchy title, eh? Like maybe some sort of thing I'm going to start and every Friday you'll check on here and find a random Friday photo.  Or not.

Truth is, I don't have too much to journal about right now and I'm not complaining!  Besides the fact that the third grade is trying to kill me (seriously?  Seriously?!  Four... count them... one, two, three, FOUR big projects due in the next couple weeks!) our lives are pretty normal right now.  Hence, a random photo rather than an update.

This photo was taken a few days before her surgery to remove her lymph nodes and place the catheter.  We knew it would be our last opportunity to hit the water for awhile so we broke out the new cool SPF 50 swimsuit and hat, slathered on a ton of sunblock and headed to the ocean.  This picture was taken before Rachael got stung by a large jellyfish, hitting both arms and across her chest and leaving scabs that continued to swell up a month later.  But nevermind that sad bit of information and enjoy the beauty of the before shot.

And just because they are gorgeous and I love them, here's a picture of my men.

So there are my random Friday photos.  Of course, technically it's no longer Friday but I have not gone to bed yet so I'm going to count it.  Tomorrow.... well, later today, I will present a visual for the reason behind my late night.  Can I just say right now though that Tom and I cannot wait to see a certain little girl's reaction to our labor of love?

Tweet tweet, ya'll!

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  1. Great photos! I look forward to seeing them "every" Friday. ;0)

    take care my friend!