Monday, October 5, 2009

Are we still here?!

This was in the top three of the longest days of my life. I can't remember any other day being longer but I'll give my 36 years the benefit of the doubt and guess that maybe somewhere, sometime I had a longer day. Except probably not.

I cannot possibly journal about everything that happened today because to relive it all would be tantamount to sawing a plastic knife over my wrists. So in the interest of sanity and brevity I will break this day into two categories. The Good Stuff and The Bad Stuff. A prize for guessing which list is longer.

The Good Stuff:

** Rachael woke up feeling GREAT.

** We got to go to the playroom and made art for a bit.

** I got a laptop in the room.

** Rachael woke up feeling great!

** I was able to get some MUCH NEEDED clean clothing items.

** Lunch was tasty.

** We have had the BEST nurses. You hear of people relying on their nurses and loving them and Oh My God is it true. Bless you women, we love you!

** Dean is here to spend the time with Rachael that I can't because I'm taking care of business.

** Rachael woke up feeling great!

The Bad Stuff

You know what... I don't even want to go into the bad stuff. Rachael was feeling great today and even though we were delayed and I had to be on the phone for hours. No. HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. And even though we finally got an answer on how they will proceed my relief is tempered by the fact that I have another battle in front of me tomorrow. And even though I don't want to be here and I'm still not sure we're even going to get to leave tomorrow I can say that she had a day where the pain was minimal, she's back to her sunny self and she's here.

Her doctor said today that they were very concerned in the beginning that she was going to go downhill and fast. So ultimately I can be thankful that she is here. And if I don't journal all the crap then eventually the memory will fade and I will simply be left with a feeling of joy that she is okay.

Tomorrow they will remove the drain. They want to do it bedside and I am going to fight them to sedate her. Pray for the doctors to be reasonable and for there to be absolutely none of the complications that they fear.

Thank you my friends and family. Thank you for standing in the gap for us.

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