Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Bird and Boo!

A few months ago Rachael found a masquerade mask with feathers and sequins in my closet.  Before my mother goes, "I don't want to know anymore!" let me assure you that it's been there for years from when Tom and I were invited to some sort of party.  Probably a masquerade one.

So, she finds the mask and I say, "Hey, we should have you use this for Halloween.  You can be a bird!"

Oh stupid me!  So now, like five months later Rachael wants to be nothing but a stinking BIRD for Halloween.  I've been trying to talk them into being ghosts but where last year that would have been like, Totally Cool! this year her mind is made up.  A bird.  All I can say is thank God Tom knows how to sew.

I did manage to find a homemade bird costume that looks really cute and the lady claims she made it in one night.  So maybe we can pull it off in three.  Marc hasn't decided what he wants to be yet but I'm really going to try to push the ghost angle.  "Nobody will know who you are!  It's the perfect disguise!  You can go in only your underwear underneath!"  What might tip the scales in my favor is if I tell him it's scary.  We've always had the policy that we do not allow scary costumes.  I know we had a reason for this in the past but this year I'm just tired and GHOST seems like such an awesome idea!

I was telling my friend Amanda that I get these comments about how wonderful I am and though I love to read them, I feel like you don't get the full story.  I told her I need to write about some of the lousy stuff I do.  So there you go folks.  I waited until the last minute so I am going to go against my principles and ask my son to be a scary ghost for Halloween.

I realize that's a pretty lame "lousy" thing but I don't think the internets are ready yet to hear about the time I tried to guilt my mother into making a bird costume for Rachael by saying, "But mom... she has cancer!"


  1. How creative a child! I remember my Son insisting upon being an alligator. Happy Halloween!
    Debbie (BOC) lampworker

  2. Ok I still think you're great BUT you are darn stinkin' funny too! Totally made me laugh outloud with that last line! :0)

    A bird huh? Yeah...that's one for the scrapbook. It's original though!