Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing my new favorite phrase.

Rachael's lymph nodes were clear!  This was news met with great relief and no regret.  I wish we could look inside lymph nodes without having to take them out but we can't.  I'm happy to know that even though they probably could have safely stayed put, we are now pretty sure we caught the melanoma plenty early.  So, RIP lymph nodes, sorry we had to cut you out.

Dr. H. also looked at a new bump on her elbow that has been giving me anxiety.  It started growing shortly after she fell down about a month ago and it looks suspiciously like another mole I was fairly unconcerned about.  He said it was "medically interesting" but we could take some pictures of it (they have a staff photographer who comes and takes pictures of "medically interesting" stuff) and compare it against its mug shot in a month.  When I told Tom what Dr. H. called it he said, "I don't like that one bit.  I want the least medically interesting things imaginable on my daughter's body."  For some reason though, the phrase "medically interesting" amuses me.  Maybe because I got only three hours of sleep last night.

I decided to take a break from stress and talking about "medically interesting" things and focus on my friend Amanda who was awesome and joined me on this trip to Houston.  I feel as though I can barely put a literate and cohesive sentence together right now but I loved seeing 3 AM with her.

Anyway, Dr. H. is not convinced it is a mole.  He said possibly a wart or even some sort of "medically interesting" thing caused by trauma.  This is when I pointed out that it had started after an elbow scrape.  Either way, I feel like I have given him the problem and now even though I will continue to look at it obsessively, I don't have to stop breathing anymore while imagining a conversation that went more like this, "OH MY GOD!!  CALL THE SURGEONS NOW!!"

Maybe that's why "medically interesting" seems almost cute.


  1. I've been waiting for this good report--thank you, Jesus!

  2. It's amazing what seems like good conversation at 3 in the morning.... and incredibly sweet to be able to put everything aside and just have fun. And of course, so thankful that there was good news!