Monday, October 5, 2009

I would use harsher language if this blog was completely private.

7 AM this morning one of the surgical residents came into our room and turns on the bright light.  Then she takes Rachael's drain and PULLS ON IT.  This is the most painful site on Rachael's body so of course she cries out and is then whimpering and trying to protect her body.  Then the woman has the audacity to ask Rachael if she can touch the site and Rachael says "NO!"  I said to the surgeon, "She is in pain and she doesn't trust you now."

This woman turns to me and decides a lecture is in order.  "We have to do an exam and be able to touch it to see if it is warm.  We need to decide if blah blah blah and blah blah some more so maybe we can send someone else in here that she will (and she actually uses the quotey fingers here) 'trusts'."

Then she waltzes out the door and slams it.

I went to her nurse and said, "I don't know if that woman is a student or an actual part of the surgical team (found out she's a resident.  Impressive.) but I don't want her near my daughter.  And in the future can you note in her chart that she is in PAIN and if a doctor wants to examine her they can do so gently.  And if they want to do another ultrasound on her today she will get Demerol or something else equally strong to help her.  We are NOT talking a little Motrin."  Her nurse was very understanding and obviously felt terrible for Rachael.  She made the note in her chart. 

I am officially in Don't Screw With My Daughter phase.


  1. You're doing good, Mama. Hang in there.

  2. You go mama!! You are there to protect her and be her advocate! I'll be praying for more gentle nurses and doctors!


  3. Speak to power, woman! Strength and guts to you. - creme

  4. Honey, you are my hero. Marc and I love you and miss you very much, and we look forward to having you home again. I would be lost without you taking the reigns, and I don't know anyone, including myself, that I would trust more with her care.

  5. You are such an awesome advocate for Rachael! You go girl!
    I am so sorry to hear that the nurse was so horrible. It is often amazing how bad some people deal with others when it is something that they do DAILY! UGH!
    I always try to keep in mind that YOU are the client. They work for you. Not the other way around. You are paying them...if you want to question things, demand things, etc. then it is your right. (and of course when it comes to protecting your daughter, your God given duty....and again~you're awesome at it!)


  6. Oh yeah, you go! Rachel needs you to be her advocate, and sometimes those residents, and even longtime docs forget she is a human being, not just a patient! I had to do the same thing with Brian once and raise hell with the social workers to keep a certain doctor away from him. There are so many good ones that will show compassion, don't settle for the crappy ones!