Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thank you Amanda for updating. We will be staying at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital at least one more night. She is doing better today which can I just say THANK GOD! Yesterday was by far the hardest hospital stay yet. I'll give more details later, I just wanted to quickly say that she seems to be improving. We still don't know the culprit and she has a few weird symptoms but at least she is not in so much pain.


  1. We prayed for Rachael during children's church today at RLF. Thankfully the Evans' girls reminded me. Glad to hear she is improving.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. She is blessed to have you for a Mom! During a crisis, prayerful words can be difficult to find, God knows this. Don't fret about that....many are lifting Rachael in prayer.
    Remember to rest when you can...She needs you well.
    Debbie Stage 4 NED 2006 MPIP