Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bippity Boppity Boo

Last week, if you consider today the end of this week, the kids and I were in Disney. It honestly seems like a lifetime ago and I'm so glad we went. My friend asked me what the best part was and it was hard to pin down one best part but seeing the kids’ reactions to the big iconic structures at Disney was so fun. The first time we walked around the corner of Main Street, USA and there was Cinderella's Castle they were awestruck.

That night when we watched the fireworks show Marc in particular was really blown away. At the end he said, “That was so beautiful!” He’s not one to effuse so it was high praise.

There were so many wonderful little moments. The first actual ride we went on was “It’s a Small World” and Marc blurts, “This is SO CREATIVE!” Finding out exactly how much I can sleep deprive and starve my children and still manage to have an absolute blast as soon as we get to the front of the line and we’re all smiling from ear to ear knowing it’s almost our turn for something really special.

Not being sure if going on the “orange side” of Mission: Space is a good idea when they tell us 15 times that we might get sick and then screaming in utter terror and joy as it takes off (and not getting sick but sure we don’t want to do it again!). Being so hungry and hot and cranky and finally getting seated in the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom and sharing that amazing meal together for TWO HOURS. Two hours eating. With two small kids at Disney. It was so wonderful that I took about 15 “beauty shots” of the food just to make Tom jealous. People there were worried for my marriage - it was that good and therefore that mean.


We went to a BBQ and Rachael danced the night away with Goofy. He was twirling her and doing air guitar with her and she had so stinking much fun. Marc found a friend in a little boy from England and they spent the evening sharing fart jokes. Pure, smelly, heaven.


It was beyond fun.

Focusing on them and eating all our meals together and suffering through long bus rides and ridiculously long hikes in the rain so we could eat and hearing their laughter as they experienced all of it and just being with them. It was probably the best week I have ever spent with my children. And it was totally worth the embarrassment of actually resorting to wearing socks with my crocs because the blisters were so bad

I can’t wait to go back.



  1. I knew it was crazy talk when you were considering this a once-a-childhood trip! It only gets better. Next trip you will have warm fuzzy memories and new adventures.

    And as I think about your trip, I am amazed at God's perfect timing. If you had gone the week you had intended, you would have had this news on your heart. I am so glad that even though you have this hard road ahead for your family, you got this week to pour into your kids, enjoy their childhood, and make amazing memories.

  2. I'm with Amanda! ; )