Thursday, September 24, 2009

Final update of the day.

She is in her own room now and watching the Disney Channel.  She's been having pain but God she is brave.  I can tell all of you that but we are on strict orders to not say it to her face anymore today.  She told me that she doesn't feel brave and she doesn't want to be brave.  The nurse said, "Oh, don't cry," (in a comforting way) and I looked at Rachael and said, "Baby, you cry all you want."  Just like her last surgery though, morphine and some jello makes it better.  Except they didn't have jello.  Only popscicles.  Even better!

She was under longer than they expected and she did throw up a little when she woke up.  Then she drifted back off and I had to leave her to go to a stupid class.  It's actually a very important class and not stupid at all but when I was leaving her before she was even aware that I was there for her, it felt stupid.  So I'm sitting in said class learning that this is going to be Way More Complicated than I anticipated and I get a text from Tom that she is in pain and crying for me.  Then another that says she really wants me.  Thing is, if we want to take her home, I have to take TWO of these classes so I really needed to stay.  A few minutes later he texted that she was better and then that she was sleeping.

She was still out when I got to her room but she woke up quickly.  She was hurting but wanted me to lie with her so I did, halfway hanging off the bed but we snuggled and she asked about all the tubes and wires coming out of her.  That's when she told me about the chest x-ray they had to take and how they kept saying she was brave but she didn't think so because she cried and she was tired of being brave.  Could she have broken my heart more?

After that she asked to speak to Marc so I thought, "Why not, might distract her."  Ya'll will NEVER guess what they talked about.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.....   Farts.  That's right, they made goofy noises at each other and told one another "Ah! I just farted!"  Then for some reason I think they got annoyed at one another.  So I expect things will be back to normal soon.

Thank you thank you thank you for your words of support and encouragement and especially your prayers.  We told her surgeon today that she is one prayed for woman and she said, "Oh, I know it!"


  1. I just wanted to send you some hugs and prayers. My husband was diagnosed w/ stage 3 melanoma in June. I have two kids(1 & 5) and I worry for them since it can/may have a genetic factor. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers!


  2. Hi Danielle. This comes a day after this post (Friday) but I just read this in the Daily Walk bible and thought of your family. I hope you find comfort in it:
    "The Sea of Galilee is like life itself: beautiful and tranquil at times, stormy and threatening at others.
    At the end of a long day of instruction on the shores of Galilee, Jesus and his desciples got into the boat (Mark 4:35-36). After pushing away from the shore, Jesus fell asleep...just as the storm exploded in full fury. Twelve frightened men rushed to the Savior and exclaimed in unison, "Teacher, don't you care that we are going to drown?" (4:38). Now go back and reread verse 35. What was it Christ had said to his disciples just before entering the boat? "Let us go to the middle of the lake and drown"? Of course not! "Let's cross to the other side of the lake."
    What stormy, unexpected event in your life has you feeling panicked and fretful? Remember, Christ intends to take you to the other side safe and secure and not let you drown.


  3. I am glad to hear that she is back to farting and having fun with her brother! YEA! :0) My prayers will continue.
    and she isn't the only prayed for woman ya are in my prayers mucho! :0)

    love ya!