Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You

We have been so showered with love that we just sit down at night and shake our heads. We don't even know what to say to each other, much less those who have given so generously to us. Gifts for Rachael and Marc both, financial help, meals... not to mention the prayers. It is all overwhelming and I want to thank some specific people.

To my dearest friend Amanda… I have needed you so much through this and you have been there for me every time. Thank you for immediately organizing the care of our temporal needs. I know I will lean on you more as this year progresses and I want you to know that I love you.

Dr. Dubberly… you have always taken me so seriously and your act of immediately identifying that mole as suspicious rather than simply looking at the odds and dismissing it probably saved Rachael’s life. You are the best doctor in the world and our family is forever indebted to you.

Tim and Susan… thank you for what you did. We will never forget that.

Lisa M… the care package you sent arrived the day before we went to the hospital and the kids were ecstatic but it was probably the biggest comfort to me. It was such a beautiful gift and showed me that people truly love us.

Mom and Dad H… you have been willing to drop everything to be with us when we needed it. I never once had to worry about Marc and that was huge. Thank you Dad for keeping me company on one of my trips to Houston and Mom, a special thanks for decorating Rachael’s room. She was so happy to be home and that made it even more special.

Mom and Dad A… the gifts make it feel like Christmas around here! Thank you for your willingness to entertain anything we are thinking of trying and giving us the possibility of even thinking about other options with your willingness to help. I hope we never have to use it but it is a tremendous comfort to know it is there.

Amanda, Lauren, Skip, Greg and Brad… thank you for praying over us that night. It was incredible.

Dean….thank you for all your advice about her tube. I was totally prepared thanks to you. And Jen, thank you for being there for all my questions.

To those who have already brought meals and those who will do so when we start interferon… my family especially thanks you! That is a true blessing.

To the prayer warriors… you all amaze me.

Tom… you are my best friend and I wouldn’t want to walk through this with anyone else.

Jesus… thank You for loving me despite my weaknesses and thank You for being Rachael’s friend.


  1. This is not related to this moving journal entry, but I read about another child on interferon on I thought it may be someone else to speak with who can share with you their experiences and prepare you for treatment.

  2. No thanks is ever necessary... what are sisters for? You can call anytime!