Monday, September 21, 2009

Catherine Poole (whom I quoted in my last post) is assisting me in obtaining a second opinion.  This is a tricky disease without a lot of absolutes and whichever path we choose will ultimately be the one that WE believe is best for Rachael.  I think we are leaning towards a visit to another institution.  This is in no way because we do not trust MDACC or her doctors there but even Baylor, Mayo and MDACC's doctors could not come to a consensus on what the original mole was before the biopsy.  We want biology to have absolutes but there is still a lot of unknown with melanoma.  Catherine did want to assure me of one thing and asked that I pass it on.  She said, "I support whatever a patient decides is best for them (not just against interferon)."

I am very grateful to her for her willingness to help us in that process.

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